Gamer Pick-up Lines

Using pick-up lines may seem a bit clichéd, but it is still better than just sitting there and watching a hot girl go past you. Being on gamer dating sites is one fine way to connect with girls seeking men for relationships. You may not have to rely too much on those pick-up lines in the online world of dating, but they still work great as ice-breakers.

In the real world, though, the right use of those lines can help you make new friends. You may at least manage to get her phone number, which means you are off to a good start. For gamers or gaming fans, sometimes garnering a laugh is the kind of opening they need to make new friends. Whether you are a Super Mario fan, you love Pokeman, you adore the Legend of Zelda, or you are a mortal with an undying love for games, these pick-up lines would help make dating easier for you. Be confident, approach her in style, and say these lines to make her laugh and win her heart!


Naughty One-Liners for Super Mario Dating

  1. If I was Mario, I would take you as my only star.
  2. I believe you are a real super mushroom; how can you make me grow otherwise?
  3. Given a chance, I would ride you harder than Mario ever rode Yoshi.
  4. I wish to be a warp pipe so that I could be in you all the time.
  5. I am sure you can beat Yoshi with that beautiful tongue of yours.
  6. How about sliding down the flagpole and beating the level a little?
  7. I could not believe something other than a super mushroom could make me so big.
  8. I am sure this is the 8th castle. You seem to be the real princess!
  9. I would give my 100 coins and an extra life just to be with you.
  10. You must be a magic flower. How else could you make me burn so hard with desire?

Interesting Dating Fun with Lines for Pokemon Lovers

  1. See me go, Pikachu, as I see you naked!
  2. Are you an HM? How can you be so unforgettable?
  3. You wish to catch them all, but I would give anything to catch you.
  4. I am just as good as a Ditto – I know how to swing both ways!
  5. What would I have to do to Squirtle over your Jiggly puffs?
  6. Are you interested in seeing my Metapod use, Harden?
  7. You sure understand how to use an elixir – my PP is going out of control!
  8. I wish I could have Master Ball and use it on you, my love!
  9. Unlike a Jynx, you would have a sleepless night just when I give you a Lovely Kiss.
  10. Do you know Tail Whip? I am feeling defenseless in front of your beauty!

Quick Dating with One-Liners for the Legend of Zelda Fans

  1. I think you are King Dodongo. Why else would I want to explode in your mouth?
  2. Are you up for Zelda dating? I feel harder than the Ocarina of Time Master Quest.
  3. I am feeling as crazy for you as after being possessed by Majora's Mask.
  4. How about some Zelda dating? You seem to work great to complete my heart container.
  5. Let me show you how to make you wet without the song of storms.
  6. You must be pot. I cannot resist my temptation to smash you so hard.
  7. How about I show you my Deku nuts?
  8. Hi princess, wanna see how you are making my sword go skyward?

Final Fantasy Pick-up Lines for Dating and Flirting

  1. Must you be Chocobo? I really want to ride you now!
  2. Babe, I would not stop at anything and fight all the Shinras in your world.
  3. I do not think any Whisper would stop me from loving you. Call it Destiny!
  4. You equip Steal Materia, don't you? No one can steal my heart twice!

Flirty One-Liners for Dating with Gaming Fans

  1. Let me put my key blade in your fine keyhole.
  2. My life completes as you are the final Tetris piece I need.
  3. You must be from the World of Warcraft? You make me say, "Wow!
  4. Birds never feel angry once I am done playing with them.
  5. You must be a vending merchant. It is hard not to browse your goods.

Cool Pick-up Lines for Gamers

  1. What should I do to put the "real" joy in your "joystick"?
  2. I keep waiting for you as I always wait for discounts on Steam.
  3. Do you mind adjusting my joystick for me?
  4. Must you be an Alienware? You look so out of this world!
  5. Do you mind helping me win some experience points in lovemaking?