20 Romantic Activities to Engage in and Around Sydney

Whether you reside in Sydney or planning to visit, you don't have to bother yourself about being bored because there are many exciting and lovely things you may engage yourself with. Check out a list of the fascinating ideas you can opt for;

romantic activities around sydney


Walking for pleasure in and around the beautiful environment is a fun activity. The Karloo Walking Track is a beautiful environment to hike alongside your companion.

Visit a Beach

You can hand round the vicinity of the beach with your companion for a lovely experience. Bronte Beach is one of the perfect spots to enjoy a memorable time.

Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge

This bridge lets you have a bird's-eye sight of the entire city. The feeling is very romantic adventurous. However, it could be pretty scary for some people.


However, this might feel awkward, but it is a romantic thing to do with your partner. Enjoy nature with your loved one by your side.

Go to an Outdoor Cinema

While in the open and under the sky, you may be entertained by a romantic movie at an outdoor cinema in the city. A leading outdoor cinema for a memorable experience is the Sunset Cinema.

Explore the Museum

An excellent way to hang around with a companion while observing tons of incredible arts is by visiting a museum. The Museum of Sydney has tons of incredible art collections.

Explore a Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens offer a great view to sightseers; you can sightsee the beautiful nature and learn more about the gardens with your loved one.

Vivid Festival

If you are at this time of the year when the festival takes place, it will be an adventurous moment to visit with your companion. It consists of music, light, and entertainment.

Chill at Blu Bar on 36

An ideal, friendly, and cozy location to chill is the Blu Bar on 36 at the Shangri-La Hotel. They offer various dishes and first-rate wines for your pleasure.

Visit the Sydney Tower

This is a typical dreamy place that partners visit often. It offers you a scenic sight of the entire area.

Visit Sydney Opera House

With more than 30 shows weekly, you are certain to find something for yourself. There are tons of events, food, and drink available at this performing arts theater. Go along with your other half.

Explore the Luna Park

This belongs to the category of the most entertaining amusement parks in the city. If you are interested in having a romantic time out with your partner, you should consider visiting Luna Park.

Night Helicopter Tour with Sydney Helitours

Have you ever thought of how romantic it would be if you fly over the whole city at night? You will explore all the notable buildings and enjoy a great time with your companion.

Take a Cooking Class

You can have a fun time with your companion by both showing your cooking skills and at the same time learning a thing or two.

Putt-Putt Golf

Playing indoor mini-golf is an adventurous activity to indulge yourself in. Putt Planet is an exciting mini-golf course to check out.

Hot Air Ballooning

You may enjoy a bird's eyesight of the attractive city alongside your partner when you opt for a hot air balloon flight in Sydney. Balloon Aloft offers a memorable experience for interested people.

Zoo Visit

If you are interested in a remarkable sight of native wildlife and exotic animals, you can have to Taronga Zoo with your date. The experience will leave you astonished.

Dinner Cruise

Enjoy a unique and romantic dining experience while cruising around the beautiful city. Sydney Showboats offers a breathtaking dinner cruise option.

Paint and Sip

Experience an entertaining and artistic session as you paint and sip alongside your partner. This a romantic date idea for people in the city. Cork and Canvas offers an excellent paint and sips session.

Explore the Blue Mountains

This region will provide you with a scenic sight of nature. It also offers an opportunity to hike. Treat yourself to an adventurous moment as you visit this incredible spot with your companion.


With the above tips, you are certain that your next outing will be an awesome one. Try visiting any of the mentioned destinations and partake in the listed activities alongside your companion as you enjoy a romantic day together.